The results

We have been testing  the Zeez Sleep Pebble for more than three years. Hundreds of people have used it, and many have given us detailed feedback, often using “before” and “after” surveys.

Almost 80% sleep much better after using the Zeez Sleep Pebble,

reducing the time they take to fall asleep
 increasing sleep efficiency
decreasing sleep disturbance and daytime sleepiness.

We notice a sharp distinction between those for whom the Zeez Sleep Pebble has an effect, and those for whom it doesn’t. Amongst the 80% of “responders” there is an impressive average 8-point drop on the Pittsburgh Sleep Index (non sleep scientists – sorry! This translates as “a massive improvement”). Amongst the rest, either nothing or next to nothing. 6% report no change at all, 14% report a very small improvement (placebo?) and for one person (already a good sleeper) it had a negative effect.